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2024 NBA Draft: I have thoughts

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The 2024 NBA Draft should have an alternate title of, “They Did What?!?”

I have no idea what’s going to happen in this draft. There are a lot of players I like. There are some players I don’t know. I just hope they all go to the right situation, but that never happens.

The League split up the draft into two nights this year. Tonight is the first round.

Two guys I’ve never seen play are expected to go 1-2, so for me, the draft starts at No. 3.

I took some notes during the first round on some of the picks I liked and some questions raised by a few of the selections.

Kentucky freshman guard Reed Sheppard goes No.3 to Houston in a bit of a surprise. There was some chatter about Houston trading out of No. 3. Sheppard is one of the best shooters I’ve seen in college. He’s a great athlete too. The Fred VanVleet deal is technically up after next year. If he can develop more as a playmaker Sheppard could be starting in Houston sooner than later.

Spurs make a good pick at 4. UCONN freshman wing Stephon Castle is a helluva defender. There were games last year when UCONN would be up 35 and Castle would be guarding his man like it was a tie game in OT.

My hometown Detroit Pistons take G Leaguer Ron Holland II at No. 5. Holland II performed well in the G League, putting up 19.6 points per game, along with 6.6 rebounds and 2.7 steals a game. Analysts bill Holland II as a driver and slasher who can finish at the rim. His shooting needs work, though, as the rookie shot 24% on 3-pointers in the G League. It’s difficult to judge G League players when they enter the NBA, as many of the players opt to go for their own in lieu of playing winning basketball. Holland II, though, works hard on defense and is a strong rebounder — good qualities for a rookie to have.


Portland takes UCONN center Donovan Clingan at No. 7. I thought he should’ve gone No. 1. Don’t believe me? Ask Illinois. If the Blazers plan to keep Clingan, what does that mean for DeAndre Ayton?

Spurs take Kentucky guard Rob Dillingham at No. 8. But he’s being re-routed to Minnesota. That’s a helluva move by the Wolves. Dillingham is a baller. He’s fast as hell with the ball. He can finish in traffic and absorb contact. Dillingham and Anthony Edwards together will be fun.


Purdue center Zach Edey goes to Memphis at No. 9. That’s a good pick for the Grizzlies. Edey played 32 minutes a game last season. He doesn’t foul. He’s polished offensively. He’s one of the most decorated college players of all time. You pair him with a stretch 4 like JJJ who is also a top-flight defender, and I like the pick for Memphis. He should work well with Ja Morant too.

Colorado forward Cody Williams goes No. 10 to Utah. He looks about as excited about that as you’d expect.

A preview for “The Instigators” comes on. It’s a new movie starring Matt Damon. The trailer plays “Gimme the Loot” in the background. I’m sold!

Tennessee wing Dalton Knecht finally goes to the Lakers at No. 17. I’m not sure why he slid so far. Knecht is ready to contribute now. He’s a three-level scorer and a great shooter. Knecht, Reaves AND JJ Redick in LA? Where’s that Spider-Man meme?

The rest of the first round finishes with little to no intrigue.

The second round is tomorrow, but the real fun comes when free agency starts.

Some big moves have already been made.

Mikal Bridges was dealt to the New York Knicks from Brooklyn for six first round picks and Bogdan Bogdanovic. Heat big man Bam Adebayo signed a huge three-year extension. Pascal Siakam signed a big deal with the Pacers.

So what’s next? Does Klay Thompson leave Golden State? Does Paul George leave LA? It’ll be another summer of crazy movement in the NBA.

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