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NBA Power Rankings, Week 11: Knicks on the move

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The New York Knicks went all in on defense, pulling off a big trade to acquire 3 and D wing OG Anunoby from the Toronto Raptors for a package including RJ Barrett and sparkplug Immanuel Quickley.

It’s a big deal for New York, as the Knicks look to win multiple playoff series for the first time since 2000. Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau made it clear why the deal was made, telling The Athletic, “We feel like we’re scoring plenty, but we have to shore up our defense.”

Thibodeau is known for his defensive acumen. “Thibs” was essentially the defensive coordinator for the Boston Celtics on their run to the 2008 championship. This Knicks team currently ranks 15th in opponents’ points per game and 21st in defensive rating. Anunoby has a reputation as a top-flight defender. Anunoby last season earned second-team All-Defense honors.

That defensive acumen was on display in his debut with New York against Minnesota on Monday. Anunoby matched up with Anthony Edwards on several possessions and held the Timberwolves star in check. Anunoby on the offensive end finished with 17 points, and cashed in on three of his six 3-point attempts.

I’m not sold on this move putting New York in the same tier as Boston and Milwaukee, or even Philadelphia. But I think the Knicks filled a major need. Anunoby is now the best defensive player on a clear playoff team. His shooting is better than it gets credit for. Anunoby has splits of 49.2% from the field and 37.9% from 3 on six attempts per game.

This may only be the start for the Knicks.

New York has about $32 million in expiring contracts it can move. The team has six draft picks in 2024 and four in 2025. I don’t think New York is done dealing.

The Knicks may need to pull off another move if they want to move into the upper echelon of the League — and these Power Rankings.

Last week’s ranking is in parenthesis.

  1. Boston Celtics (1)
  2. Oklahoma City Thunder (6)
  3. Minnesota Timberwolves (2)
  4. Denver Nuggets (3)
  5. Milwaukee Bucks (4)
  6. Philadelphia 76ers (5)
  7. LA Clippers (8)
  8. Sacramento Kings (12)
  9. New Orleans Pelicans (11)
  10. Miami Heat (10)
  11. Orlando Magic (13)
  12. New York Knicks (10)
  13. Indiana Pacers (18)
  14. Dallas Mavericks (9)
  15. Phoenix Suns (20)
  16. Cleveland Cavaliers (15)
  17. LA Lakers (14)
  18. Houston Rockets (16)
  19. Utah Jazz (22)
  20. Chicago Bulls (21)
  21. Golden State Warriors (17)
  22. Brooklyn Nets (19)
  23. Toronto Raptors (25)
  24. Memphis Grizzlies (23)
  25. Atlanta Hawks (24)
  26. Portland Trail Blazers (26)
  27. Washington Wizards (28)
  28. San Antonio Spurs (29)
  29. Charlotte Hornets (27)
  30. Detroit Pistons (30)
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