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NBA Power Rankings, Week 9: Clippers make a big move

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The LA Clippers were left for dead following a six-game losing streak that coincided with the team trading for guard James Harden. Their rotations were off. Guys weren’t sure what their roles were.

Since then, though, LA has been one of the best teams in the League and the Clippers are currently riding an eight-game win streak that has the team tied for fourth in the west. LA on the run has an average margin of victory of 13 points. The team has scored at least 111 points in all eight victories.

Kawhi Leonard has returned to form. The oft-injured Leonard has yet to miss a game this season, having started all 26 Clipper games. Leonard through the current win streak is averaging 29.2 points per game on better than 58% shooting from the field and close to 51% from 3. Paul George, the Clippers other injury prone star, has played in all but one of the team’s games and is putting up 22.9 points per game, and shooting nearly 40% from 3.

The biggest “if” in the League the last five seasons has been the Clippers health. The team now has a legitimate Big Three, with Harden, Leonard and George. It remains to be seen if the team can get a full season out of Leonard and George, and can Harden shed his playoff reputation to help guide a team on a deep run?

Nevertheless, the Clippers current play has seen the team earn a bump in our Power Rankings.

The previous week’s ranking is in parenthesis.

  1. Minnesota Timberwolves (1)
  2. Boston Celtics (2)
  3. Oklahoma City Thunder (5)
  4. Philadelphia 76ers (10)
  5. Milwaukee Bucks (4)
  6. LA Clippers (18)
  7. Denver Nuggets (3)
  8. Sacramento Kings (13)
  9. Orlando Magic (6)
  10. Dallas Mavericks (12)
  11. New Orleans Pelicans (14)
  12. New York Knicks (9)
  13. Miami Heat (11)
  14. LA Lakers (8)
  15. Cleveland Cavaliers (15)
  16. Phoenix Suns (7)
  17. Houston Rockets (22)
  18. Indiana Pacers (16)
  19. Brooklyn Nets (17)
  20. Golden State Warriors (20)
  21. Chicago Bulls (25)
  22. Toronto Raptors (21)
  23. Atlanta Hawks (19)
  24. Utah Jazz (23)
  25. Memphis Grizzlies (26)
  26. Portland Trail Blazers (24)
  27. Charlotte Hornets (27)
  28. San Antonio Spurs (29)
  29. Washington Wizards (28)
  30. Detroit Pistons (30)
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