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Warriors recent play a signal to the rest of the NBA west

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Are the Golden State Warriors…back?

The Warriors since Draymond Green returned from a 12-game suspension have won 8 of 12, moving from 18-21 to 26-25. Golden State is now 10th in the West, holding the last play-in spot.

Green’s return seems to have ignited something within the Warriors. Golden State on its current run, which includes its current 5-game win streak, has the No. 1 offense in the league and a top-5 defense. Five of the Warriors last eight wins have come by at least 20 points.

At 35, Steph Curry is still doing Steph Curry things. Third-year forward Jonathan Kuminga has had a bit of a coming out party since he publicly complained about playing time. Kuminga has scored in double figures in 44 of the 50 games he’s appeared in. Kuminga has scored in double figures in every game he’s played in since Dec. 6.

The pieces are starting to fall into place for Golden State. Swiss army knife Gary Payton II returned on Feb. 10 from a 16-game injury-related layoff. Chris Paul is expected to return after the All-Star Break. The depth will be there. Steph will be Steph — a fringe top-10 player all-time.

The Warriors may have dug themselves too big a hole to escape the play-in, but a few of the teams at the top of the west should be frightened if Golden State gets the 7 or 8 seed. How would Minnesota handle a series against the Warriors? How would the young Oklahoma City team fare against a squad with the pedigree of Golden State?

I hope we find out.

NBA Power rankings
1. Boston Celtics (1)
2. Minnesota Timberwolves (2)
3. Oklahoma City Thunder (4)
4. Denver Nuggets (2)
5. LA Clippers (3)
6. Milwaukee Bucks (9)
7. Cleveland Cavaliers (6)
8. New Orleans Pelicans (10)
9. Dallas Mavericks (14)
10. New York Knicks (7)
11. Phoenix Suns (8)
12. Philadelphia 76ers (11)
13. Sacramento Kings (13)
14. Orlando Magic (17)
15. LA Lakers (12)
16. Golden State Warriors (22)
17. Indiana Pacers (15)
18. Miami Heat (16)
19. Chicago Bulls (19)
20. Utah Jazz (18)
21. Houston Rockets (21)
22. Atlanta Hawks (20)
23. Brooklyn Nets (23)
24. Toronto Raptors (26)
25. Charlotte Hornets (29)
26. San Antonio Spurs (27)
27. Memphis Grizzlies (24)
28. Portland Trail Blazers (25)
29. Washington Wizards (28)
30. Detroit Pistons (30)

Previous rankings

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