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The Jockey Club

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Jockeys standing together at race track

The Jockey Club has several responsibilities within the racing industry. One of its main functions is to register and name thoroughbred horses.

The Jockey Club

The Jockey Club is an organization that has been involved in thoroughbred horse racing for over a century. It was established in 1894 in the United Kingdom with the purpose of promoting and regulating the sport of horse racing.


The Jockey Club has several responsibilities within the racing industry. One of its main functions is to register and name thoroughbred horses. This is an important process because it ensures that each horse has a unique name and identity that can be used for tracking its lineage and racing history.


In addition to registering horses, the Jockey Club is also responsible for enforcing rules and regulations within the sport of horse racing. This includes ensuring that all races are conducted fairly and that all participants follow the established rules and guidelines.


The Jockey Club also plays a role in the breeding of thoroughbred horses. It maintains a stud book, which is a record of all thoroughbred horses that have been registered with the organization. This allows breeders to trace the lineage of their horses and make informed decisions about breeding.


Furthermore, the Jockey Club is involved in the licensing and regulation of jockeys and trainers. It sets standards for licensing, training, and safety, and works to ensure that all participants in the sport are qualified and competent.


The Jockey Club also plays a role in promoting the sport of horse racing to the public. It sponsors events and initiatives to increase awareness and interest in the sport, and works to educate the public about the history and traditions of horse racing.


One of the most important initiatives sponsored by the Jockey Club is the Retired Racehorse Project. This project is dedicated to promoting the adoption and retirement of thoroughbred racehorses. It aims to provide these horses with a safe and comfortable retirement after their racing careers are over, and to increase public awareness about the needs of retired racehorses.


The Jockey Club also has a charitable arm, known as the Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation. This foundation supports scientific research into the health and welfare of horses, with a focus on improving the treatment and prevention of equine diseases and injuries.


In recent years, the Jockey Club has also become involved in the regulation of horse racing in the United States. It has worked with state racing commissions to develop and implement safety and welfare standards for horses, jockeys, and tracks. This includes initiatives to reduce the incidence of injuries and fatalities in horse racing.


In conclusion, the Jockey Club is an important organization within the world of thoroughbred horse racing. It plays a vital role in the registration, regulation, and promotion of the sport, and is dedicated to ensuring the health and welfare of horses and participants. Through its various initiatives and programs, the Jockey Club continues to be a driving force in the racing industry, and its contributions are felt both within the sport and in the wider community.



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